BergHOFF organizes and executes best customer marketing campaigns.
With great knowledge of products and markets. It's just you and BergHOFF.



Best customer marketing

Organizing a best customer campaign will help you to:

  • Increase market share
  • Turn one-time visitors into long-term customers
  • Motivate existing shoppers to spend more
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Earn extra turnover
  • Attract new customers
  • Strengthen current customer relationships
  • Create a long-term connection to your brand

Create a connection

Our loyalty and incentives programmes in the field of cookware and kitchenware are composed to engage shoppers from the initial campaign day till the very last one.

The product selection creates an emotional connection and contains great promises to the shopper

Rewards linked to good times, fun, quality and to health establish greater loyalty and a long-lasting relationship. Also, you'll bring your marketing directly into the homes of your customers: the items will be used almost daily, acting as a frequent reminder for your brand.

Create a connection

Unique selection of rewards

Our unique selection of programmes
in the field of kitchenware and cookware enables you:

  • to present the completest choice containing products build around a specific theme: baking, drinking, storing, cooking, barbecuing, …

  • to create campaigns for specific events, like a wine festival in your shops, Valentine’s day, game season, … . The programmes can be developed as a typical loyalty campaign or as a spend & get campaign based on a single purchase.

  • to develop a long-term approach which spreads over several single campaigns: for instance a campaign with glasses is followed by one offering flatware and ends with a collection of porcelain. The result: a complete set table and motivated shoppers.


  • Even though we developed more than 15 programmes with the greatest care based on our international experience, our extensive portfolio and business model allows us to demonstrate extensive flexibility towards your views and expectations.


All-in-1 designer, marketer, distributor

Our product range will create engagement from your clients towards your campaign and brand.

But not just your clients will show the greatest connection. Our engagement towards you is that we organize and execute your best customer marketing campaign as 1 vertically integrated project.

How can we do that?
Because we

  • Have

    the product since we design and manufacture ourselves

  • Know

    the product and the market since we do this since 25 years

  • Distribute

    them since we have the experience to deliver in over 60 countries

Thanks to this unique approach, you'll communicate directly with us:

We are the manufacturer, the marketer, the distributor

No third parties involved, this grants you

  • Additional profitability
  • No risk: we take back all the remaining items at the end of the campaign
  • To never encounter a stock‑out
  • Prompt delivery of any volume all over the world

Products of our own

From a first sketch to the product on the shelves of shops in more than 60 countries, our in-house specialists take care of all stages in the process.

Since design as well as production are internally managed, you are guaranteed to offer customer rewards that reach the highest quality standards. As a matter of fact, for the loyalty range we use the very same standards as for our regular portfolio.

  • German Design Award Nominee 2013 - Berghoff LoyaltyReddot Design Award Winner 2011 - Berghoff LoyaltyGerman Design Award Nominee 2011 - Berghoff LoyaltyProduct Design Award 2012 - Berghoff LoyaltyHenry Van De Velde Label 2008Good Design Award 2008 - As Awarded By The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum Of Architecture And Design
  • You are also sure that these products from a worldwide respected brand will represent a high trophy value encouraging your clients to participate.
  • Close communication with all the actors in the process and an open ear and eye for signals from the market lead to a continuous refinement of our products.
  • Numerous designs from our in-house design team have been rewarded with many international design awards.
  • A long-standing relationship with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world gives you a priority status in the process.

Knowledge of products and market

Since we design and manufacture our very own pots, pans, knives, glasses, accessories and many other kitchenware and tableware items we also know the products and the market.

Training of all key players in your company will be provided: cashiers and local managers will be motivated by our training programme and are offered answers to questions from shoppers concerning the products, used materials, benefits, maintenance, … . This can be done by video or by a personal presentation.

Our in-house marketing and communications team will be at your disposal to develop all point-of sales tools highlighting and promoting your campaign. Content-creation, graphical design, photography, display development, … approached with 1 single goal in mind:  to motivate your customer to participate.


A dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact throughout the complete duration of the campaign, and of course also during the preparation and the wrap up. Together with you, the volume of each individual item is forecasted. A calculation sheet offers you a detailed overview of the figures of the campaign.

Operate without worries

You'll also profit from our international network and experience in the fields of logistics, delivery scheduling, customs and clearance.

No stock-outs

Berghoff - Operate without worries /></p>

Respected worldwide

BergHOFF WorldWide is an international company present in 63 countries. 
Headquarters are located in Belgium. 
The company designs, develops and manufactures k itchenware and cookware. Also,  many successful loyalty campaigns have been developed and implemented together with the most renowned supermarkets and gas stations.

  • Pots & pans
  • Ovenware & bakeware
  • Tools & accessories
  • Knives
  • Flatware
  • Tableware
  • Glassware
  • Outdoor items
  • Small electrical appliances

Thanks to cost-efficient production methods of designs from renowned designers, BergHOFF is able to offer its customers quality design articles at affordable prices. Many designs have been internationally awarded. Because of a continuous demand for BergHOFF products in Best Customer Marketing campaigns, a specific range has been developed. This range consists of several programmes which are the result of an open dialogue with clients and from the company’s own market experience.

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